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One of the particular design constraints on the terraces was the need for movable components to accommodate the twice annual building window washing. Davit connectors for the suspended window washing platforms lined the parapet edge of the 19th needed to be concealed for daily terrace use. PFI’s designers developed a concept for rolling planters with custom cutouts to allow the planters to sit over, and hide the davit connectors. After the building rejected the installation of emergency lighting on the façade, the planters, and their placement, had to additionally accommodate the emergency light fixtures. All elements incorporated into the planters had to include a quick disconnect feature to facilitate relocating the planters during window washing – the irrigation system, emergency lights, their power feeds, and the speaker system all had to be capable of being disconnected and reconnected with ease. On the 4th areas for the platforms as they dropped down from the floors above. 

The 4th and 19th floor terraces have some repeating elements, but each also possesses a unique character. The 4th trimmed planters, at-grade planting beds, wood decking, a built-in wet bar, lounge and dining seating. Due to light conditions, some more shade tolerant plant material was selected for portions of this terrace garden. The 19th charcoal finish that appears metallic. In general, it is sunnier and more wind-swept, so plants are lower and must have greater drought and wind tolerance. PFI also designed, and had fabricated custom bar height tables, two wet bars, sofas with built-in cushion storage, and floor terraces have some repeating elements, but each also possesses a floor feels more natural and intimate, featuring trees, fully ipe wood floor planters are fiberglass, with a soft textured, deep ottomans. One final challenge for the team was to engineer and produce a tethering system that would anchor the lighter furnishings to the terrace in case of high winds, but that would be completely detachable in order to remove the furniture for window washing and winter storage.

The maintenance of the terrace gardens was also awarded to PFI, allowing project management and garden service team members continued involvement in the care and development of the gardens. [Our favorite projects are those we are fortunate enough to become involved with in the initial stages of development, see to fruition, and provide care for many years.]