President Founder

Teresa Carleo, President and Founder


Teresa founded PFI in 1987 with the strength of her passion for gardening and a $100 monthly contract. Her abundant enthusiasm for all things plant related, and her willingness to pound the pavement to develop her customer base eventually paid off. Through the years, she’s built a reputation for commitment to client goals, and for excellence in design, installation and sustainability. As a result, Teresa and PFI enjoy many long term relationships with some of New York’s most prominent real estate developers and property managers.

Teresa embraces all types of projects, from private spaces to large scale construction sites. Her passion for gardens and people has led to the creation of a design/build company specializing in urban gardens and urban green roofs. She also provides landscape contracting services for major projects throughout the Manhattan area. Additionally, as part of her belief in 360 degree service, for her portfolio of ongoing corporate clients, she also provides custom holiday decor and floral designs. 

As a self-starter who used her personal values of determination, commitment, and loyalty to develop her business, Teresa maintains a hands-on approach to the work day at PFI. She personally oversees all aspects of daily operations, from planning, design, estimating and personnel management, to sales and company financial requirements.

Teresa also sits on the board of the Horticultural Society of New York, but when she isn’t focusing on ways to make the city a greener place, she can be found tending her own gardens, or cooking a delectable Italian meal for her husband and friends. Teresa’s other great passion is her beloved cats, who have their own apps on her iPad.

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Photos by Syd London